ZAVIO IP Cameras now Fully Compatible with SecuritySpy for Mac

zondag 23 juni 2013

ZAVIO Inc., a leading IP Camera manufacturer from Taiwan, announces that ZAVIO IP cameras are now fully compatible with SecuritySpy, which is a multi-camera video surveillance software for the Mac.
ZAVIO has been one of  the earlier surveillance companies purely on IP. Since then, we dedicated to offer a wide range of IP cameras to create a customized surveillance solution to meet the security need. The integration provides users the ease of managing multiple IP cameras through multi-server monitoring, especially for deployment with various IP cameras on multi-sites.
SecuritySpy is a multi-camera video surveillance software for the Mac that will allow you to set up a system tailored for your individual needs. SecuritySpy has the ability to process the native H.264 video directly from ZAVIO cameras, providing optimum performance and quality. Features in SecuritySpy include motion-detection and timelapse capture, motion-triggered events and a built-in web server for remote monitoring.
If you want to build a video surveillance system from scratch on the Maintosh platform, SecuritySpy and ZAVIO is an ideal combination, for both domestic and business purposes.

About Bensoftware
Bensoftware was founded by Ben Bird in the year 2000 with the sole purpose of providing high-quality video-related software for the Mactintosh platform. Their first video capture software, BTV, proved very popular and is now widely used. In 2004 they brought out their video surveillance software SecuritySpy to positive customer response and have been continually improving it since then. For more information about SecuritySpy, please visit

Founded in 2006, ZAVIO has been one of the earlier surveillance companies focusing purely on IP, and now provides a wide range of products that reflect its dedication to innovation, quality and continuous improvement. ZAVIO prides itself on delivering superior price-performance ratio and exceptional customer service.